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Funeral Services With Veterans’ Benefits

The Veterans Association pays a burial allowance for veterans who have died in service. The VA also covers the cost of transporting the deceased’s remains to the national cemetery located closest to their home. There are separate allowances paid for veterans buried in a cemetery that is outside of the United States government jurisdiction.

For all veterans buried in available gravesites in one of the national cemeteries, burial benefits include a government headstone marker, a burial flag and a presidential certificate. The gravesites receive perpetual care and these benefits include the opening and closing of the grave.

We can help you understand the many details of Veterans’ Benefits. If your loved one served our country, please call Wedekindt Funeral Home.
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Death Away from Home Funeral Services

Funeral arrangements are often complicated when the death of a loved one occurs while you are away from home. This sensitive matter can leave your family facing difficult decisions. If your loved one has passed while you are out of the area of Buffalo, NY, please give Wedekindt Funeral Home a call at (716) 800-2063. We can take care of the funeral arrangements.

Our experienced staff will obtain some basic information from you and then begin making funeral arrangements. We will then meet with you upon your return to ensure the needs and wishes of the deceased are fulfilled.

There are many procedures if a family member dies outside of the United States. We have extensive experience in dealing with this sensitive and complicated matter. Please contact us immediately if your loved one has died during international travel and we will assist you with returning the deceased to the United States.
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