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Kenmore & Buffalo, NY: Great Cities for Families

In Kenmore, Tonawanda & Buffalo, NY, family always comes first. That has been the case since the city was first founded on the shores of Lake Erie, and it’s still true today. And at Lester H. Wedekindt Funeral Home Inc., we understand that better than anyone.

Our funeral home was founded in 1887, during one of the high points of Buffalo’s history. At the turn of the 20th century, Buffalo was gaining fame as the “City of Light” thanks to the hydroelectric power plants that provided cheap and plentiful electric light to the city. Electricity brought industry and fame, including the Pan-American Exposition in 1901.

The twentieth century brought its share of ups and downs, but recently, the greater Buffalo area has been experiencing a renaissance. Unprecedented economic investment and affordable housing make Kenmore, Tonawanda & Buffalo great places to raise a family, and there are always plenty of options for entertainment. 
Funeral Services Buffalo, NY
From Pro-sport teams to Arts and Theater to shopping and culture, Buffalo has something for everyone and every family. Through it all, Lester H. Wedekindt Funeral Home Inc. is here to serve families in their time of need.

Funeral Services For The Families of Buffalo, Kenmore & Tonawanda, NY

Lester H. Wedekindt Funeral Home Inc. is proud to be one of the leading funeral homes in the greater Buffalo, NY region. We offer a wide range of funeral services to local families. From prearranged funerals and cremation services to memorial services and preplanning services, we offer the assistance your family needs when you need it most.

We have been serving Kenmore, Tonawanda & Buffalo, NY families for over a century, and over the decades we’ve established a reputation for unparalleled service and specialized care. In your time of need, put your trust in the funeral home that has made a true commitment to Buffalo. Put your trust in Lester H. Wedekindt Funeral Home Inc.
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