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No one enjoys thinking about their death or the death of a loved one, or making plans for it. Discussion of one's end of life plans is a very uncomfortable subject matter. But as uncomfortable as it truly is, the benefits of planning in advance are warranted.

Because of the stress and anxiety created by the sudden loss of a loved one, many people seek out preplanning services. Preplanning ensures that your wishes are known and your family will not have to make difficult decisions while coping with your loss. By pre-planning a funeral service, you remove a huge burden from your family. Important financial decisions during this time of great loss will allow your family the process of grieving without making such difficult decisions. When they are under such stress, they are not thinking clearly and possibly do not know what to do because you never made your wishes known.

Wedekindt Funeral Home will sit down with you one-on-one to help make important preplanned decisions concerning your funeral service. We will see to it that all of your requests are carefully fulfilled. You can arrange a personal celebration of your life and help lift the financial burden of your death from your family’s shoulders. The thoughtful gift of preplanning helps everyone deal with death with less stress and more care and attention.

Prearranged funerals can help your family:

  • make all the arrangements during a time of peace not during your families hardest time
  • fulfill your wishes
  • control the cost of your service and protect from inflationary costs
  • keep personal records organized for your loved ones
  • allow your family to properly celebrate your life
  • protect your family from an untimely loss
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You can help protect your family from the high cost of a funeral in the years to come with our preplanning services.
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Prearranged Services Buffalo, NY

Providing Preplanning Services for the Residents of Tonawanda, Kenmore, and Buffalo, NY

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